Beauty and Cosmetics

Did I mention that we also caught a deal with Sephora?

Well, we did! And now you can purchase some beautiful new collections inspired by yours truly! Using the same technology as our clothing designs, you can see what makeup would look fabu on you!

And do you know what’s best about this partnership? You can buy it!!

My Dream Closet!!

It can now be yours, too!

I’ve made special arrangements with Forever 21 to design clothes with me–for you! But here’s the coolest thing about this whole shebang: Barbie and Co. have invested in new technological advancements to help you shop online but with all the benefits of actually being in the store without leaving your home computer!

Our clothing lines will be available for you to either try on me or one of my friends–instead of seeing any old model– OR you can play a mini game where you can create your own avatar based on yourself (gamers ftw!) OR–for those of you without a lot of time on their hands, you can upload a picture of yourself and our magical technologies via virtual shopping will help you with the most accurate online shopping experience the modern world can offer!

The new dream closet will feature clothes ranging from business outfits, casual clothes, workout material, swimwear, and lounge wear. We will also have shoes and all the accessories you can chose from!